Faculty Directory

Name Title Room
Abdelhakim, Mai Visiting Assistant Professor 610 IS Building
Ahn, Daniel Assistant Professor 6115 Sennott Square
Babichenko, Dmitriy Professor of Practice 722 IS Building
Biagini, Mary K. Associate Professor 601B IS Building
Booth, Kayla Visiting Assistant Professor 708 IS Building
Bowler, Leanne Assistant Professor 611 IS Building
Brusilovsky, Peter Professor 608 IS Building
Burton, Matthew Visiting Assistant Professor 605B IS Building
Chang, Shi-Kuo Professor 6409 Sennott Square
Childers, Bruce R Professor 6115 Sennott Square
Chrysanthis, Panos Professor 6421 Sennott Square
Corrall, Sheila Professor 614 IS Building
Cox, Richard J. Chair, Information Culture and Data Stewardship; Professor 608A IS Building
Currier, James D. “Kip” Assistant Professor 609 IS Building
Druzdzel, Marek Associate Professor 2B13 IS Building
Farnan, Nicholas L Lecturer 6313 Sennott Square
Farzan, Rosta Assistant Professor 709 IS Building
Flynn, Roger R. Associate Professor 701A IS Building
Garrison, William C Visiting Lecturer 6311 Sennott Square
Hatleback, Eric Visiting Research Associate Professor 622 IS Building
Hauskrecht, Milos Professor 5329 Sennott Square
He, Daqing Associate Professor 618 IS Building
Hirtle, Stephen C. Professor 2B01 IS Building
Hoffman, Timothy L Visiting Lecturer 5109 Sennott Square
Hwa, Rebecca Associate Professor 5103 Sennott Square
Joshi, James B.D. Professor 706A IS Building
Karimi, Hassan Professor 713 IS Building
Thurmrongsak, Kosiyatrkul Lecturer 6215 Sennott Square
Kovashka, Adriana I Assistant Professor 5325 Sennott Square
Krishnamurthy, Prashant Associate Professor 718 IS Building
Laboon, William J Visiting Lecturer 6305 Sennott Square
Labrinidis, Alexandros Professor 6105 Sennott Square
Lange, John R Associate Professor 5407 Sennott Square
Langmead, Alison Associate Professor 621 IS Building
Larsen, Ronald Dean Emeritus; Professor 605C IS Building
Lee, Adam J Associate Professor 6111 Sennott Square
Lewis, Michael Professor 2A00 IS Building
Lin, Yu-Ru Assistant Professor 710 IS Building
Litman, Diane J Professor 5105 Sennott Square
Lyon, Liz Visiting Professor 616 IS Building
Mahoney, Elizabeth Lecturer 604B IS Building
Mattern, Eleanor Visiting Assistant Professor 601D IS Building
Misurda, Jonathan R Lecturer  6203 Sennott Square
Melhem, Rami Professor 6427 Sennott Square
Mitchell, Leona Visiting Professor of Practice 507 IS Building
Mosse, Daniel Professor 6423 Sennott Square
Munro, Paul Associate Professor 711 IS Building
Palanisamy, Balaji Assistant Professor 704 IS Building
Pelechrinis, Konstantinos Assistant Professor 717B IS Building
Perkoski, Robert R. Chair, Undergraduate Program; Lecturer 720A IS Building
Pruhs, Kirk R Professor 6415 Sennott Square
Ramirez, John C Senior Lecturer 6125 Sennott Square
Spring, Michael B. Associate Professor 701B IS Building
Tipper, David Professor 715 IS Building
Tomer, Christinger Associate Professor 604A IS Building
Wang, Jingtao Assistant Professor 5423 Sennott Square
Weiss, Martin B.H. Associate Dean;  Chair, Informatics and Networked Systems; Professor 717A IS Building
Weibe, Janyce M Professor 5409 Sennott Square
Zhang, Youtao Associate Professor 6407 Sennott Square
Zadorozhny, Vladimir Associate Professor 706B IS Building
Znati, Taieb Professor 6415 Sennott Square