Staff Directory

Name Title Room
Ball, Mackenzie Outreach Coordinator 131 Sennott Square
Belleau, Brandi Liskey Academic Administrator 504 IS Building
Bindas, Sharon Manager of Personnel and Administration 513 IS Building
Bonidie, Donald M Department Administrator; Lecturer 6141 Sennott Square
Brandon, Sandra E. Director of Administration 509 IS Building
Day, Debbie Program Administrator 605D IS Building
Depew, Michael i3 Project Director 603 IS Building
Dicks, Karen J Assistant to the Chair 6133 Sennott Square
Gibson, Walter Technical Staff 6209 Sennott Square
Hobaugh, Adam C Technical Coordinator 6211 Sennott Square
Hoffman, Robert B Director of Operations 6205 Sennott Square
James, Corey Financial Aid Coordinator 519 IS Building
Kay, Ninette Admissions Coordinator 506 IS Building
Kelly, Rachel Marketing & Writing Coordinator 500B IS Building
Koller, Mary Undergraduate Student Advisor 720B IS Building
Kosko, Ashley Administrative Support 720 IS Building
Lawson, Jeff Director of Distance Education, eLearning Partnerships and Outreach 505 IS Building
Lipschultz, Wesley Director of Student Services 503 IS Building
Loether, Carolyn Administrative Assistant to the Dean 516 IS Building
Markham, Pat Undergraduate Administrator 6119 Sennott Square
Moss, Lydia Intern 6127 Sennott Square
Newring, Trudy Budget & Payroll Specialist 517 IS Building
Reza, Shabana Enrollment Manager 510 IS Building
Schivins, Jace Systems Analyst 806 IS Building
Shaffer, Kelly Program Manager 515 IS Building
Sherbinin, Olena Data Architect 512 IS Building
Singh, Alka Internship Coordinator 507 IS Building
Steggert, Mark Manager, Information Technology & Networking 811 IS Building
Stewart, Mary C. Administrative Secretary 706 IS Building
Thomas, Michele L ISP Coordinator 5133 Sennott Square
Walker, Keena Graduate Administrator 6117 Sennott Square
Walls, Marcy Administrative Secretary 500 IS Building
Williams, Susan Contracts & Grants Administrator 518 IS Building
Wood, Terry J Technical Staff 6207 Sennott Square